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The service goals

      To build the establishment of purchasing work and assure appropriate management on appropriation. There are one leader, and three staffs in this setting whom have responsibility on all the purchasing, checking and concluding; following the rules to begin the inviting public bidding case and related purchasing on the Internet.

                            Name            Extension

Section Chief   Tung Wei-Chun      2257

Staff                 Chou,Chia-Chun     2223

Staff                Dong,Huei-Jhen      2238

Staff                Chen,Li-Chuan        2218

Staff                Fu, Shu-Jane            2215


59 Hun Shan Rd., Yen Chau, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan 82445 R.O.C.

 Tel :866-7-6158000 Ext.2212 Fex:866-7-6158999

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