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The business is in charge of

1. To deal with matters that is according to salary of teaching faculty and staff and each allowance, withholding, salary subsidy, paying out for income tax, and act as agent for public servants and workers, health insurance of the whole people.

2. Each revenue and expenditure of petty cash, checking account, auditing, statistics, settlement of accounts, and making documents and files of petty cash for reference, and collecting cash.

3. To grant outside scholarship(containing disability pension, disability children, income maintenance, students of autochthon, children of exploit service people, etc.)


                               Name             Extension

Section Chief       Ke, Fang-Ying      2208

Staff                     Wu, Cheng-Jung    2219

Staff                     Wu, Shwu-Yng      2231


59 Hun Shan Rd., Yen Chau, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan 82445 R.O.C.

 Tel :866-7-6158000 Ext.2212 Fex:866-7-6158999

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